Thursday, December 5, 2013

Introducing: SUPERMORMAN and SUNBEAM GIRL! Free Shipping til Jan 17th!!

Dear Honest Jon Fans,
I apologize for the extended break from the Honest Jon comics and hope to return to them soon but with teenagers fast approaching college and missions, some of my hobbies had to be shelved in place of "paying gigs" and this was one of them. That said, if you're looking for a healthy dose of new laughs much of it can be found in the first adventure of a new chapter book series that I was working on before my hiatus called, The Flippin' Awesome Adventures of Supermorman and Sunbeam Girl: Battle of the Ninja Tithing Snatchers. I decided to self-publish it before Christmas so I could give it out as a gift even though I haven't finished all the illustrations (another shelved hobby). Click on the link below to get your copy. Thanks for your patience!
Jon Clark 

Once on lulu.com you can preview the first 20 pages (click preview) 
Get free shipping 'til Jan 17th: use promo code SHIPSHAPE14


  1. Thanks for the update! Book looks awesome!

  2. The book looks great but when I purchased it, I was charged for shipping. The post above says orders made on or before December 10th would not be charged for shipping. December 10th of last year?

  3. There was a coupon for free shipping on lulu.com. It appears to be gone. I apologize.